Resam Financial Services

Resam is a boutique asset management company with a focused product range.

Resam holds a Category II licence (FSP no: 40107) from the Financial Services Board (FSB). The company has a formidable team of highly experienced meritocratic investment professionals with more than 70 years of practical market experience.

We bring experts in quantitative fund management to our clients.

Resam specialises in structuring and managing investment products where local and global economic and market risks are considered to their fullest extent. One of Resam’s unique qualities is our focus on quantitative modelling of all relevant factors that influence the investment decision and possible returns.

We actively seek out niche investment opportunities not readily available through most investment managers.

This shows the entrepreneurial spirit in our DNA. Understanding the risks associated with these opportunities lie at the heart of our approach.
It gives our clients the prospect in diversifying their investment portfolios in a prudent manner.

Resam currently operates 3 in-house specialised funds only:

  • A pure money market fund: The main objective is to provide investors with a bridging vehicle, buying time until the funds are utilised elsewhere.
  • A trade finance fund: The main objective is exposure to trade finance and bridging finance deals on the African continent.
  • A PiPs fund: The main objective is exposure to the property market in a secure and prudent manner.

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