The Nomvula LLP Fund

The Nomvula LLP fund will invest in both early-stage and late-stage companies.
We believe that that the additional investment from the private equity fund must create exceptional growth.

Fund Terms

Management and Advisory Company Nomvula CapVest
Structure Private Equity Fund investing in Agricu lture, Health Care, Financial Services and Alternative Investment LLP Structure
Target Size of Total Investment R3.5 billion
Targeted Return – rand denominated 15% p.a. net from the day that the investments are placed
Targeted Deal Size for Private Equity Fund R20 million – R500 million
Geography On–Shore and Off–Shore
Term 8 years with two year extensions
Draw Down Period Anticipated investment of committed capital within 18 to 24 months
Investment Structure Debt and Equity
Fee Structure 3% PLUS vat p.a.

20% performance fee above 15% at exit/end of period

The process prior to investing in an asset:

Phase 1: Identification of potential investment opportunities.
Phase 2: Nomvula Senior Management meets with Management of company and initial presentation to Nomvula Investment committee
Phase 3 : Follow up meeting with Company and preliminary screening of key areas
Phase 4: Presentation to Investment Committee to obtain approval to proceed
Phase 5: Detail due diligence
Phase 6: Comprehensive appraisal report presented to Investment Committee
Phase 7: Submit appraisals to the Investor
Phase 8: Prepare term sheet
Phase 9: Negotiate contractual agreements
Phase 10: Conclude and sign all agreements
Phase 11: Implementation of investment
Phase 12 : Overseeing of Private Equity Funds and Assets and reporting to Investors