Nomvula Capvest

Nomvula is a management company that manages the LLP fund and has a service level agreement with Resam in place to offer regulatory services.

The Nomvula Executives have vast experience in the investment and financial services sector. The main driving force behind Nomvula Management is not only to provide the Investor with exceptional return, but also to ensure that change can be established in South Africa via the investments.

Nomvula also work closely with experts in the chosen fields of investment to ensure continuous growth.

Nomvula CapVest focuses on the following sectors as we believe these sectors can drive change in South Africa by creating shared value for all stakeholders:

  • Agriculture Sector
  • Financial Services Sector
  • Health Care Sector
  • Property Sector
  • Alternative Fund that include more exotic investment classes, such as art

Nomvula is currently raising money for the Nomvula Limited Liability Fund with its close expected by March 2017.

Our investment philosophy and ethos

Although the Nomvula Management team is particular and detail orientated when it comes to the selection of the underlying investments, we believe our access to quality assets via our comprehensive network and our ability to recognise a good asset set us apart from our competitors.

Our business is built on the following pillars that is underpinned by a strong relationship with our Investors:

One of our key beliefs is that when it comes to selecting an asset, the management team of the asset is the critical factor. The Team must be supported by a strong business model, an appropriate product, as well as an expanding market. The fund must also be able to add value.

Nomvulu CapVest is a hands-on management company and requires not only a seat on the Board of the company but also on the EXCO. We believe that if we can ensure financial discipline and operational efficiency, whilst also providing strategic insight, the asset’s chance to achieve the required Internal Rate of Return dramatically improves.