Private Equity Fund

The Nomvula Philosophy

At Nomvula, we see our purpose as so much more than facilitating good investments.

We believe in creating growth, in going to uncharted areas and finding opportunities. If anything, our decades of experience in South Africa has taught us that fertile ground is, by no means, limited. All it often takes is the introduction of a seed and some care to create growth for multiple parties.

We find our common ground in the avenues of our proposed investment, whether it be in agriculture, or the arts… where hard work, some carefully placed creativity and a passion for the craft often leads to exponential rewards.

What we do

Nomvula is a platform that allows retail and institutional investors to invest in a Private Equity Fund. We provide a select group of investors with an alternative to listed equity portfolios, while still providing low volatility exposure. The Nomvula Private Equity Fund is housed in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

The main reasons for using the LLP structure are:

  • The income and capital gains of the fund is taxed in the hands of investors according to the tax profile of each investor
  • Investors are provided with limited liability, so that an investor will not have liability exceeding its contractual commitment to the fund
  • The structure allows the day-to-day affairs of the fund and all operational matters to be outsourced, which permits the fund manager a high degree of autonomy
  • The structure permits the use of the types of contractual terms and organisational practices that are commonly used internationally.

BEE Compliance

Nomvula Capvest is a BEE compliant management company and complies with the Codes of Good Practice as published in 2013. This provides Nomvula with an advantage in the sense that portfolio companies will be entitled to deem, all of the shares held by Nomvula, to be held by Black Persons.

Resam Financial Services

Resam is a boutique asset management company with a focused product range. To read more about Resam, please click here

Nomvula Capvest

Nomvula is a management company that manages the LLP fund and has a service level agreement with Resam in place to offer regulatory services. To find out more about Nomvula, please click here

The Nomvula LLP Fund

The Nomvula LLP fund will invest in both early-stage and late-stage companies. To find out more, please click here

The Team

The team consist of seasoned investment practitioners with over 100 years of joint investment experience. To find out more, please click here


Governance is of utmost performance importance and the following parties have been appointed to ensure that all policies are adhered to:

Over and above the appointment of world class service providers Nomvula Capvest drive governance via an Investment Committee with seasoned investment professionals and a Risk and Audit committee.

Contact Us

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